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SFB 1315

How does the brain transform neural representations into a new framework of prior experience?

And how are these evolving brain states – what we call memory consolidation, maintained over time?

Collaborative Research Center 1315



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Latest Publications…

Cross-frequency slow oscillation–spindle coupling in a biophysically realistic thalamocortical neural mass model

Nikola Jajcay, Caglar Cakan, Klaus Obermayer
B03, Caglar Cakan, Klaus Obermayer, Nikola Jajcay

Involvement of mossy cells in sharp wave-ripple activity in vitro

Swaminathan A, Wichert I, Schmitz D, Maier N
A02, Dietmar Schmitz

Microcircuits for spatial coding in the medial entorhinal cortex

John J Tukker, Prateep Beed, Michael Brecht, Richard Kempter, Edvard I Moser, and Dietmar Schmitz
A02, Dietmar Schmitz, Michael Brecht, Richard Kempter

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A06 Co-PI Susanne Schreiber appointed Einstein Professor

May 7, 2021 | Einstein Stiftung Berlin
Press release, 07.05.2021 // (05/21)
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