The CRC’s collaborative work acknowledges funding by the DFG project number 327654276 SFB 1315 and is largely openly accessible, found in public and institutional repositories.

Post-encoding modulation of spatial memory consolidation by propofol

Deetje Iggena, Patrizia M. Maier, Sophia M. Häußler, Mario Menk, Heidi Olze, Matthew E. Larkum, Carsten Finke, Christoph J. Ploner
Cortex 2022
A04, B05, Carsten Finke, Christoph Ploner, Matthew Larkum - -

High-density electrode recordings reveal strong and specific connections between retinal ganglion cells and midbrain neurons

Jérémie Sibille, Carolin Gehr, Jonathan I Benichov, Hymavathy Balasubramanian, Kai Lun Teh, Tatiana Lupashina, Daniela Vallentin & Jens Kremkow
Nat Commun 13, 5218 (2022)
A06, Daniela Vallentin - -

Dynamic primitives of brain network interaction

Michael Schirner, Xiaolu Kong, B.T. Thomas Yeo, Gustavo Deco, Petra Ritter
NeuroImage. 250:118928 (2022)
INF, Petra Ritter - -

Overcoming the Reproducibility Crisis – Results of the first Community Survey of the German National Research Data Infrastructure for Neuroscience

Carsten M. Klingner, Michael Denker, Sonja Grün, Michael Hanke, Steffen Oeltze-Jafra, Frank W. Ohl, Janina Radny, Stefan Rotter, Hansjörg Scherberger, Alexandra Stein, Thomas Wachtler, Otto W. Witte, Petra Ritter
bioRxiv (2022)
INF, Petra Ritter - -

Convergent behavioral strategies and neural computations during vocal turn-taking across diverse species

Arkarup Banerjee and Daniela Vallentin
Curr Opin Neurobiol.  73:102529 (2022)
A06, Daniela Vallentin - -

Are Dendrites Conceptually Useful?

Matthew E. Larkum
Neuroscience. 1;489:4-14 (2022)
A04, Matthew Larkum - -

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