The CRC’s collaborative work acknowledges funding by the DFG project number 327654276 SFB 1315 and is largely openly accessible, found in public and institutional repositories.

WiChR, a highly potassium-selective channelrhodopsin for low-light one- and two-photon inhibition of excitable cells

Johannes Vierock, Enrico Peter, Christiane Grimm, Andrey Rozenberg, I-Wen Chen, Linda Tillert, Alejandro G. Castro Scalise, Marilù Casini, Sandra Augustin, Dimitrii Tanese, Benoît C. Forget, Rémi Peyronnet, Franziska Schneider-Warme, Valentina Emiliani, Oded Béjà, Peter Hegemann
Sci Adv 8(49):eadd7729 (2022)
C01, Johannes Vierock, Peter Hegemann - -

Large-scale mapping of vocalization-related activity in the functionally diverse nuclei in rat posterior brainstem

Miguel Concha-Miranda, Wei Tang, Konstantin Hartmann, Michael Brecht
J Neurosci. 42 (44) 8252-8261 (2022)
A03, Michael Brecht - -

Fatigue and cognitive impairment after COVID-19: A prospective multicentre study

Tim J. Hartung, Christian Neumann, Thomas Bahmer, Irina Chaplinskaya-Sobol, Matthias Endres, Johanna Geritz, Karl Georg Haeusler, Peter U. Heuschmann, Hanna Hildesheim, Andreas Hinz, Sina Hopff, Anna Horn, Michael Krawczak, Lilian Krist, Jennifer Kudelka, Wolfgang Lieb, Corina Maetzler, Anja Mehnert-Theuerkauf, Felipe A. Montellano,
Caroline Morbach, Sein Schmidt, Stefan Schreiber, Flo Steigerwald, Stefan Störk, Walter Maetzler and Carsten Finke
eClinicalMedicine 53:101651 (2022)
B05, Carsten Finke - -

Functional connectivity dynamics reflect disability and multi-domain clinical impairment in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Amy Romanello, Stephan Krohn, Nina von Schwanenflug, Claudia Chien, Judith Bellmann-Strobl, Klemens Ruprecht, Friedemann Paula, Carsten Finke
NeuroImage: Clinical 36:103203 (2022)
B05, Carsten Finke - -

From generating to violating predictions: The effects of prediction error on episodic memory

Gözem Turan, Isabelle Ehrlich, Yee Lee Shing and Sophie Nolden
PsyArXiv Preprints  | V1 Last edited: January 14, 2023
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

A spatiotemporal complexity architecture of human brain activity

Stephan Krohn, Ninavon Schwanenflug, Leonhard Waschke, Amy Romanello, Martin Gell, Douglas D. Garrett, Carsten Finke

Sci. Adv.9, eabq3851 (2023)
B05, Carsten Finke - -

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