The CRC’s collaborative work acknowledges funding by the DFG project number 327654276 SFB 1315 and is largely openly accessible, found in public and institutional repositories.

Recruitment of release sites underlies chemical presynaptic potentiation at hippocampal mossy fiber boutons

Marta Orlando, Anton Dvorzhak, Felicitas Bruentgens, Marta Maglione, Benjamin R. Rost, Stephan J. Sigrist, Jörg Breustedt, Dietmar Schmitz
PLoS Biology
A02, A08, Anton Dvorzhak, Dietmar Schmitz, Stephan Sigrist - -

Neural correlates of successful memory encoding in kindergarten and early elementary school children: Longitudinal trends and effects of schooling

Nolden S, Brod G, Meyer AL, Fandakova Y, Shing YL
Cerebral Cortex
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

Learning set formation and reversal learning in mice during high-throughput home-cage-based olfactory discrimination

Alican Caglayan, Katherina Stumpenhorst, York Winter
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
C02, Katherina Stumpenhorst, York Winter - -

Unc13A and Unc13B contribute to the decoding of distinct sensory information in Drosophila

Atefeh Pooryasin , Marta Maglione , Marco Schubert, Tanja Matkovic-Rachid, Sayed-mohammad Hasheminasab, Ulrike Pech, André Fiala, Thorsten Mielke, Stephan J. Sigrist
Nature Communications
A08, Stephan Sigrist - -

Memory-relevant nap sleep physiology in healthy and pathological aging

Julia Ladenbauer, Josef Ladenbauer, Nadine Külzow, Agnes Flöel
B03, Agnes Flöel - -

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