The CRC’s collaborative work acknowledges funding by the DFG project number 327654276 SFB 1315 and is largely openly accessible, found in public and institutional repositories.

Cognitive impact of neuronal antibodies: encephalitis and beyond

LL Gibson, A McKeever, E Coutinho, C Finke and TA Pollak
Transl Psychiatry. 10, 304 (2020)
B05, Carsten Finke - -

Scale-free functional brain networks exhibit increased connectivity, are more integrated and less segregated in patients with Parkinson’s disease following dopaminergic treatment

Orestis Stylianou, Zalan Kaposzta, Akos Czoch, Leon Stefanovski, Andriy Yabluchanskiy, Frigyes Samuel Racz, Petra Ritter, Andras Eke, Peter Mukli
Fractal Fract. 6(12):737 (2022)
INF, Petra Ritter - -

A bistable inhibitory OptoGPCR for multiplexed optogenetic control of neural circuits

Jonas Wietek, Adrianna Nozownik, Mauro Pulin, Inbar Saraf-Sinik, Noa Matosevich, Daniela Malan, Bobbie J. Brown, Julien Dine, Rivka Levy, Anna Litvin, Noa Regev, Suraj Subramaniam, Eyal Bitton, Asaf Benjamin, Bryan A. Copits, Philipp Sasse, Benjamin R. Rost, Dietmar Schmitz, Peter Soba, Yuval Nir, J. Simon Wiegert and Ofer Yizhar
BioRxiv (2023)
A02, C01, Benjamin Rost, Dietmar Schmitz - -

Wild nightingales flexibly match whistle pitch in real time

Giacomo Costalunga, Carolina Sanchez Carpena, Susanne Seltmann, Jonathan I. Benichov, Daniela Vallentin
Curr Biol. 33, 1–10 (2023)
A06, Daniela Vallentin - -

Hippocampal GABAergic interneurons and memory

Alexandra Tzilivaki, John J. Tukker, Nikolaus Maier, Panayiota Poirazi, Rosanna P. Sammons, Dietmar Schmitz
Neuron. 111 (2023)
A01, Alexandra Tzilivaki, Dietmar Schmitz, Nikolaus Maier - -

Play and tickling responses map to the lateral columns of the rat periaqueductal gray

Natalie Gloveli, Jean Simonnet, Wei Tang, Miguel Concha-Miranda, Eduard Maier, Anton Dvorzhak, Dietmar Schmitz and Michael Brecht
Neuron. 111, 1–12 (2023)
A02, A03, Anton Dvorzhak, Dietmar Schmitz, Michael Brecht, Wei Tang - -

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