Connectivity dynamics related to memory consolidation in cortical layers and subcortical networks

The proposed project aims at understanding how systems level hippocampally-related functional connectivity as well as cortico-cortical microstructure changes indicative of memory engrams develop during memory consolidation. We will use a novel and unique 7T connectome magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for humans to achieve the highest to-date possible resolution for functional and diffusion MRI. This will allow imaging of the emergence of cortico-cortical connectivity and engram-related plasticity in a layer-specific manner in early and late stages of memory consolidation, thereby narrowing the gap between an animal- and human-led understanding of memory consolidation. As neuromodulatory inputs related to more or less salient memory events are one of the most prominent drivers of the long-term stability of memories, we will additionally investigate how a stronger involvement of subcortical neuromodulatory and ‘saliency-processing structures’ affects memory consolidation. Moreover, we will assess whether semantic congruency affects the time course of dynamics in the memory consolidation network or memory engram formation.

Image Single-subject mean PET images overlaid on a T1 image. Courtesy of (Alex) Yeo Jin Yi

Archive – B06 (SFB1315/1)



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