Differential embedding of hippocampal output neurons during memory-related oscillations

This project aims to study a potential microcircuit responsible for channeling hippocampal sharp-wave ripple events (SWRs, Buzsaki, 1989) via the subiculum into the cortical areas (Nitzan et al. 2020) for memory consolidation. To understand the functional role that a subtype of pyramidal cells within the CA1 play in memory consolidation, we will study the connectivity between area CA1 and the subiculum using a variety of optogenetic tools in vivo and in vitro. The main cellular subtype we will be focusing on are the Calbindin-containing superficial cells of the CA1. We will also study the propagation of SWRs on a network level using in vivo silicon probe recordings. Finally, we aim to understand the role of a potential microcircuit involving Calbindin-containing superficial CA1 cells and the subiculum in memory-related behaviors in animals.

Archive – A02 (SFB1315/1)



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