Song memory consolidation in sleeping zebra finches

Male zebra finches take 90 days to learn the tutor song of their father. The mechanisms underlying the consolidation of song memories during this period are unknown. Here, we investigate the processes in learning zebra finches during sleep following a combined experiment–theory approach. We will track the song learning success of juvenile zebra finches and relate it to time and duration of sleep phases. Then we will characterize changes in premotor and interneuron activity in HVC during singing and sleep across development. Hand in hand with the experiments, we will develop computational models that capture observed singing- and sleep-related neural activity and allow us to test alternative candidate mechanisms by which premotor reactivation during sleep facilitates song memory consolidation. We adopt the overarching hypothesis that inhibition during sleep plays an important role in the modifications of local circuits that result in a more efficient learning process during subsequent song practice.

Image Dr Susanne Seltmann

Archive – A06 (SFB1315/1)



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