Central administrative project and data curation

Guided by the DFG and in cooperation with the CRC’s member institutions, the central project administers network resources in thematic areas: equal opportunity, guests and colloquia, project-specific workshops, travel, outreach, data curation and publications. The Z project team: Spokesperson Matthew Larkum represents the CRC in all external matters and monitors the progress of scientific and service projects to ensure scientific standards are adhered to. He initiates and oversees all project-related activities (events, recruitment, finances) and is in charge of managing expenditures not covered by the Steering Committee. Matthew is also central to the development of strategic goals in the short and long-term, based on input from the consortium. In his absence, Deputy Spokesperson Richard Kempter acts in these matters. The first point of contact for internal and external matters is Coordinator Mary Louise Grossman, who takes care of global finances, web and graphic design, public relations and scientific events (lecture series, retreats and symposia). She also ensures continous reporting to the Steering Committee, on behalf of the Spokesperson. Team Assistant Serenella Brinati takes care of guests, network-wide travel,  meetings and protocols as well as provides general administrative assistance. Data curator Julien Colomb is developing solutions for data management and curation in collaboration with EMBO (smartfigure gallery) and the neuro-NFDI consortium (gin-tonic), in consultation with the CRC members, and under the supervision of Matthew Larkum. Heidi Pretorius coordinated the CRC’s guest speakers in the 2018-2019 Neuroscience Colloquium series. Our PhD-Postdoc-Network Coordinator Lisa Velenosi mobilizes the CRC’s young and early-career scientists to self-organize lab tours, meet-the-speaker, journal club, retreats and more. Last but not least, our HU Berlin junior office assistant Madlena Kozaeva tracks member output, i.e., publications, supports the coordination office and helps maintain our new web presence.



Participating Institutions