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SFB 1315

How does the brain transform neural representations into a new framework of prior experience?

And how are these evolving brain states – what we call memory consolidation, maintained over time?

Collaborative Research Center 1315



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Latest Publications…

WiChR, a highly potassium-selective channelrhodopsin for low-light one- and two-photon inhibition of excitable cells

Johannes Vierock, Enrico Peter, Christiane Grimm, Andrey Rozenberg, I-Wen Chen, Linda Tillert, Alejandro G. Castro Scalise, Marilù Casini, Sandra Augustin, Dimitrii Tanese, Benoît C. Forget, Rémi Peyronnet, Franziska Schneider-Warme, Valentina Emiliani, Oded Béjà, Peter Hegemann
C01, Johannes Vierock, Peter Hegemann

From generating to violating predictions: The effects of prediction error on episodic memory

Gözem Turan, Isabelle Ehrlich, Yee Lee Shing and Sophie Nolden
B04, Yee Lee Shing

Distinct multivariate structural brain profiles are related to variations in short- and long-delay memory consolidation across children and young adults

Iryna Schommartz, Philip F. Lembcke, Francesco Pupillo, Henriette Schuetz, Nina Wald de Chamorro, Martin Bauer, Angela M. Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Yee Lee Shing
B04, Angela Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Henriette Schütz, Iryna Schommartz, Nina Wald d e Chamorro, Philip Lembcke, Yee Lee Shing

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News & Events

Latest news and events…

How does a neuron decide when and where to make a synapse?

How does a neuron decide when and where to make a synapse?

March 14, 2022 | 16:00 CET | BCCN Lecture Hall Philippstraße 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin
Hosted by Matthew Larkum (A04)
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Verwendungsrichtlinien − Verwendungsnachweis − Mittelanforderung

Verwendungsrichtlinien − Verwendungsnachweis − Mittelanforderung

January 2023 | DFG
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2022 Retreat

2022 Retreat

Nov 21-22, 2022 | Ringhotel Schorfheide | Hubertusstock 2, 16247 Joachimsthal
Retreat highlights included keynote and invited speakers, a gender and diversity brainstorm, service project sessions, and a focus on early
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