The CRC’s collaborative work acknowledges funding by the DFG project number 327654276 SFB 1315 and is largely openly accessible, found in public and institutional repositories.

Multisensory input modulates memory-guided spatial navigation in humans

Deetje Iggena, Sein Jeung, Patrizia M. Maier, Christoph J. Ploner, Klaus Gramann & Carsten Finke
Commun Biol 6, 1167 (2023)
B05, Carsten Finke, Christoph Ploner - -

Short- and Long-Delay Consolidation of Memory Accessibility and Precision across Childhood and Young Adulthood

Iryna Schommartz, Angela M. Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Yee Lee Shing
PsyArXiv (2023)
B04, Angela Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Iryna Schommartz, Yee Lee Shing - -

Gamma-Oscillation Plasticity Is Mediated by Parvalbumin Interneurons

Michael D. Hadler, Alexandra Tzilivaki, Dietmar Schmitz, Henrik Alle, Jörg R. P. Geiger
BioRxiv (2023)
A01, Alexandra Tzilivaki, Dietmar Schmitz - -

Neural Correlates and Reinstatement of Immediate-, Short- and Long-Delay Memory Consolidation: A Comparison Between Children and Young Adults

Iryna Schommartz, Philip F. Lembcke, Javier Ortiz-Tudela, M. Bauer, Angela M. Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Yee Lee Shing
eLife. 12:RP89908 (2023)
B04, Angela Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Iryna Schommartz, Philip Lembcke, Yee Lee Shing - -

The perceptual categorization of multidimensional stimuli is hierarchically organized

Chi Chen and Livia de Hoz
iScience. 26,106941 (2023)
A09, Livia de Hoz - -

The effect of prediction error on episodic memory encoding is modulated by the outcome of the predictions

Francesco Pupillo, Javier Ortiz-Tudela, Rasmus Bruckner & Yee Lee Shing
npj Sci. Learn. 8:18 (2023)
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

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