Die kollaborative Arbeit des SFB erkennt die DFG Förderung an – Projektnummer 327654276 SFB 1315 – und ist größtenteils Open Access, d.h. in öffentlichen und institutionellen Repositorien zu finden.

Spatiotemporal patterns of adaptation-induced slow oscillations in a whole-brain model of slow-wave sleep

Caglar Cakan, Cristiana Dimulescu, Liliia Khakimova, Daniela Obst, Agnes Flöel, Klaus Obermayer
Front Comput Neurosci. 15:800101 (2022)
B03, Agnes Flöel, Caglar Cakan, Cristiana Dimulescu, Daniela Obst, Klaus Obermayer, Liliia Khakimova - -

Musical expertise shapes visual-melodic memory integration

Martina Hoffmann, Alexander Schmidt, Christoph J. Ploner
bioRxiv (2022)
B05, Christoph Ploner - -

Longitudinal developmental trajectories do not follow cross-sectional age associations in hippocampal subfield and memory development

Attila Keresztes, Laurel Raffington, Andrew R. Bender, Katharina Bögl, Christine Heim and Yee Lee Shing
Dev Cogn Neurosci. 54:101085 (2022)
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

Far-red absorbing rhodopsins, insights from heterodimeric rhodopsin-cyclases

Matthias Broser
Front Mol Biosci. 8:806922 (2022)
C01 - -

Are Dendrites Conceptually Useful?

Matthew E. Larkum
Neuroscience. 1;489:4-14 (2022)
A04, Matthew Larkum - -

Convergent behavioral strategies and neural computations during vocal turn-taking across diverse species

Arkarup Banerjee and Daniela Vallentin
Curr Opin Neurobiol.  73:102529 (2022)
A06, Daniela Vallentin - -

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