Die kollaborative Arbeit des SFB erkennt die DFG Förderung an – Projektnummer 327654276 SFB 1315 – und ist größtenteils Open Access, d.h. in öffentlichen und institutionellen Repositorien zu finden.

Post-encoding modulation of spatial memory consolidation by propofol

Deetje Iggena, Patrizia M. Maier, Sophia M. Häußler, Mario Menk, Heidi Olze, Matthew E. Larkum, Carsten Finke, Christoph J. Ploner
Cortex (2022)
A04, B05, Carsten Finke, Christoph Ploner, Matthew Larkum - -

Evolution and adoption of contributor role ontologies and taxonomies

Mohammad Hosseini, Julien Colomb, Alex O. Holcombe, Barbara Kern, Nicole A. Vasilevsky, Kristi L. Holmes
Learn Publ. (2022)
INF, Julien Colomb - -

The guide to dendritic spikes of the mammalian cortex in vitro and in vivo

Matthew E. Larkum, Jiameng Wu, Sarah A. Duverdin and Albert Gidon
Neuroscience 489:15–3 (2022)
A04, Matthew Larkum - -

Neocortical layer 5 subclasses: From cellular properties to roles in behavior

Sara Moberg and Naoya Takahashi
Front Synaptic Neurosci. 14:1006773
A04, Naoya Takahashi - -

Optogenetics at the presynapse

Benjamin R. Rost, Jonas Wietek, Ofer Yizhar & Dietmar Schmitz
Nat Neurosci. 25, 984–998 (2022)
C01, Benjamin Rost, Dietmar Schmitz - -

A brain-wide form of presynaptic active zone plasticity orchestrates resilience to brain aging in Drosophila

Sheng Huang, Chengji Piao, Christine B. Beuschel, Stephan J. Sigrist
bioRxiv (2022)
A08, Sheng Huang, Stephan Sigrist - -

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