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From generating to violating predictions: The effects of prediction error on episodic memory

Gözem Turan, Isabelle Ehrlich, Yee Lee Shing and Sophie Nolden
PsyArXiv Preprints  | V1 Last edited: January 14, 2023
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

A spatiotemporal complexity architecture of human brain activity

Stephan Krohn, Ninavon Schwanenflug, Leonhard Waschke, Amy Romanello, Martin Gell, Douglas D. Garrett, Carsten Finke

Sci. Adv.9, eabq3851 (2023)
B05, Carsten Finke - -

The cellular coding of temperature in the mammalian cortex

Mikkel Vestergaard, Mario Carta, Gamze Güney, James F.A. Poulet
Nature (2023)
A05, James Poulet, Mikkel Vestergaard - -

WiChR, a highly potassium-selective channelrhodopsin for low-light one- and two-photon inhibition of excitable cells

Johannes Vierock, Enrico Peter, Christiane Grimm, Andrey Rozenberg, I-Wen Chen, Linda Tillert, Alejandro G. Castro Scalise, Marilù Casini, Sandra Augustin, Dimitrii Tanese, Benoît C. Forget, Rémi Peyronnet, Franziska Schneider-Warme, Valentina Emiliani, Oded Béjà, Peter Hegemann
Sci Adv 8(49):eadd7729 (2022)
C01, Johannes Vierock, Peter Hegemann - -

Distinct multivariate structural brain profiles are related to variations in short- and long-delay memory consolidation across children and young adults

Iryna Schommartz, Philip F. Lembcke, Francesco Pupillo, Henriette Schuetz, Nina Wald de Chamorro, Martin Bauer, Angela M. Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Yee Lee Shing
Dev Cogn Neurosci. 59: 101192 (2023)
B04, Angela Kaindl, Claudia Buss, Henriette Schütz, Iryna Schommartz, Nina Wald d e Chamorro, Philip Lembcke, Yee Lee Shing - -

Concurrent contextual and time-distant mnemonic information co-exist as feedback in the human visual cortex

Javier Ortiz-Tudela, Johanna Bergmann, Matthew Bennett, Isabelle Ehrlich, Lars Muckli, Yee Lee Shing
NeuroImage 265:119778 (2023)
B04, Yee Lee Shing - -

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