Die kollaborative Arbeit des SFB erkennt die DFG Förderung an – Projektnummer 327654276 SFB 1315 – und ist größtenteils Open Access, d.h. in öffentlichen und institutionellen Repositorien zu finden.

Learning set formation and reversal learning in mice during high-throughput home-cage-based olfactory discrimination

Alican Caglayan, Katherina Stumpenhorst, York Winter
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
C02, Katherina Stumpenhorst, York Winter - -

Memory-relevant nap sleep physiology in healthy and pathological aging

Julia Ladenbauer, Josef Ladenbauer, Nadine Külzow, Agnes Flöel
B03, Agnes Flöel - -

Neural representations of kinship

Ann M. Clemens, Michael Brecht
Current Opinion in Neurobiology
A03, Michael Brecht - -

Synaptic learning rules for sequence learning

Eric T. Reifenstein, Ikhwan Bin Khalid, Richard Kempter
A01, B01, Eric Reifenstein, Richard Kempter - -

Brain Modelling as a Service: The Virtual Brain on EBRAINS

Michael Schirner, Lia Domide, Dionysios Perdikis, Paul Triebkorn,...., Agnes Flöel, ...Jochen Mersmann, Viktor Jirsa, Petra Ritter
B03, B06, Agnes Flöel, Paul Triebkorn, Petra Ritter - -

eIF5A-hypusination, boosted by dietary spermidine, protects from premature brain aging and mitochondrial dysfunction

YongTian Liang, Chengji Piao, Christine B. Beuschel, David Toppe, Laxmikanth Kollipara, Boris Bogdanow, ..... Stephan J. Sigrist
Cell Reports
A08, David Toppe, Sheng Huang, Stephan Sigrist, Yongtian Liang - -

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