Science with Milk, No Sugar – Season 2

Podcast moderated by Franziska Sattler

“The PhD Finish Line & Curing Alzheimer’s Disease” with Kiara Freitag

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Released 02.1.2022
During Episode 1, we discuss how to find the perfect supervisor, what it’s like to do a PhD, and how to eventually finish it. What goes into handing in your work? How do you publish your results in a scientific journal? What do you do, if your experiments fail? Kiara Freitag collaborates with SFB1315 subproject A08 (AG Sigrist, FU Berlin) and is a neuroscience PhD researcher at the German Centre of Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) in Berlin exploring why people suffer from Alzheimer disease and how we might cure it. She tries to understand how brain cells change if we start suffering from dementia. Learn more about the faces behind the research. What are the struggles of a young woman in science? What happens when you leave academia? What are the hurdles of families who want to pursue careers in science? Behind every committed researcher lies a long and difficult path to Higher Education, filled with countless obstacles. With this new podcast Franziska wants to give doctoral students, postdocs, as well as scientists who left academia, a platform to tell us their story. Most importantly, we will find out how her guests enjoy their coffee along the way.

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CRC 1315 equal opportunity measures support work-life balance, promote women in science and identify resources available to the network as a whole.

NeuroCure is a Cluster of Excellence in neurosciences funded since 2007 by the German federal & state governments (Excellence Initiative). The focus of the Cluster is on investigating neurological and psychiatric disorders. By promoting close cooperation between basic science and clinical research, the Cluster aims to more rapidly transfer findings from basic research to clinical application.

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