5-min Lightning talks

2019 | 17:00-18:00 | BCCN Philippstraße 13, Haus 6, 10115 Berlin

In the first half of 2019, Speaker Matthew Larkum and B03 PhD Caglar Cakan initiated by a series of lightning talks in Berlin. The format paired speakers and organisers in a monthy exchange aimed at sharing research projects and progress.

Organizers in A, B and C clusters hosted the following speakers:

22.01.2019 (16:00), B03 PhD Caglar Cakan
Kick-Off Lightning (5′) Talks

26.02.2019 (16:00), B01 PhD Denis Alevi
Organized by A04 Postdoc Naoya Takahashi and PhD Jiyun Shin

26.03.2019, A01 PhD Roberta Evangelista
Organized by B05 Postdoc Clarissa Whitmire and B05 PhD Caroline Berlage

30.04.2019, SFB Data Curator Julien Colomb
Organized by B01 PhD Denis Alevi and A07 PhD Desiree Laber

28.05.2019, A04 PhD Jiyun Shin and A02 Associated PhD Noam Nitzan
Organized by C02 Postdoc Katharina Stumpenhorst and B05 PhD Patrizia Maier

25.06.2019, A01 PhD Anne Voigt and A04 Postdoc Naoya Takahashi
Organized by A02 PhD Noam Nitzan and A06 Postdoc Philipp Norton

Participating Institutions