Journal Club | From oscillations to laminar responses – characterising the neural circuitry of autobiographical memories

Nov 27, 2020 | 14:00 | ZOOM

To ensure that everyone is ready with the necessary background & well-versed in Maguire’s research, Jiyun Shin (A04 PhD) and Mostafa Abdelhamid (A04 Postdoc) have chosen the following papers to discuss before the lecture:

Barry, DN, …, Maguire, EA (2019). Imaging the human hippocampus with optically-pumped magnetoencephalography NeuroImage (paper here)

Focus during Journal Club will be on the first, but a second paper is also recommended:

Bonnici, HM, Maguire, EA (2018). Two years later – Revisiting autobiographical memory representations in vmPFC and hippocampus Neuropsychologia (paper here)

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