Journal Club | Zipping and unzipping the Hippocampal ‘Index’ Code

Dec 4, 2020 | 16:00 | ZOOM

Naomi Auer (B01 PhD) and Denis Alevi (B01 PhD) have chosen the following papers in preparation for Bruce McNaughton’s talk (9 December at 6 pm) in the SFB lecture series. They will focus the discussion on Chang et al. (2020), which studies spatial representations in retrosplenial cortex (RSC). It is a follow-up paper of Mao et al. (2018), which will also be examined. And if you are interested, Naomi and Denis suggest another paper from the same authors that look at spatial activity across the dorsal cortex (Esteves. et al. 2020). Please read – at the very least- Chang et al. (2020) as preparation.

Mao et al. (2018) Hippocampus-dependent emergence of spatial sequence coding in retrosplenial cortex

Chang, Esteves et al. (2020) Coordinated activities of retrosplenial ensembles during resting-state encode spatial landmarks

Esteves, Chang et al. (2020) Spatial Information Encoding Across Multiple Neocortical Regions Depends on an Intact Hippocampus
Same authors, same task, looking at spatial information across entire dorsal cortex.

Karimi Abadchi et al. (2020) Spatiotemporal patterns of neocortical activity around hippocampal sharp-wave ripples
Studies information flow between hippocampus and cortex and argues that hippocampal sharp-wave ripples could be triggered by cortical activity.

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