INF Webinar | Online

Monday Jan 16 – Tuesday Jan 17, 2023 Online | ZOOM



● Projects present their requirements /status quo of data management – information will be used for DMP v2
● Provide specific skills -including hands-on experience – for managing (human) data with the secure virtual research environment (VRE) and reproducible digital workflows
● Provide specific skills related to data structures and metadata standards
● Provide specific skills -including hands-on experience – for versioning with Git and GIN Tonic
● Time for addressing questions and discussion

All projects: 5-min presentation of subproject’s research data management (RDM) requirements and open questions. Specifically:

1. Update on data types managed in the project, e.g.
a. Software code (including the IT systems);
b. Project management data;
c. Patients’ personal data (clinical records; MRI)
d. Etc..

2. Project-internal data flows
a. Generation, use, storage, and share

3. Legal, technical and ethical aspects of exchange of personal data

4. Reproducible research
a. Annotation (standards used)
b. Versioning (method used)
c. Sharing (method used)

5. Needs and requirements
a. Where is INF support needed?

Poster – detailed programme.

Participating Institutions