1st Berlin-Bochum Memory Symposium

March 4-5, 2021 | ZOOM & GATHER

4 DFG-funded projects, 157 participants, *research highlights, 2 invited talks, 54 posters and more!

For two days following the PhD Memory Symposium (seePhD-postdoc pages), Berlin-Bochum Speakers will host an online symposium aimed at sharing research highlights, discussing topics of mutual interest and visiting virtual poster sessions on March 4-5, 2021. Invited talks will be given by SFB1315 Advisory Board members Jan Born (Universitätsklinikum Tübingen) and Erin Schuman (MPI Brain, Frankfurt am Main).

Latest Program  and 4-panel poster template >>. Poster
(Template source: Reshef, O et al. Nat Rev Mater 2020 5, 253-256.)

Symposium Organizers:

SFB 874 Speaker Denise Manahan-Vaughan
Integration and Representation of Sensory Processes

SFB 1280 Speaker Onur Güntürkün
Extinction Learning

FOR 2812 Speaker Sen Cheng
Constructing Scenarios of the Past: A New Framework in Episodic Memory

SFB 1315 Speaker Matthew Larkum
Mechanisms and Disturbances in Memory Consolidation: From Synapses to Systems

Project lists>>

Questions? Please contact March 4-5, 2021 Symposium Coordinator> Marylu Grossman


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