Mentoring in B04: High school student Skadi reflects on her internship in B04

High school student Skadi is very interested in developmental psychology and reads a lot about it in her spare time. Matching this interest, SFB1315 project B04 was the best fit for Skadi’s interests. Skadi gained first-hand experience in B04, which deals with the basics of child development and memory formation in the brain. She describes her experience as follows:

“During my student internship at the neuroscience research center Charité in the area of the TransCT and MemoBaby studies, I worked together with B04 PhD student Franziska Gronow and B04 colleagues. I got the chance to be present during the interviews with test persons and during the work in the laboratory. During the internship, I was able to learn about the process of “experimental design” and familiarize myself with the rough stages. I enjoyed the internship because the people there were very friendly, it was very interesting and informative, and I learned a lot of new things. Most of all, I enjoyed being present when the child’s cognitive abilities and motor skills were tested and a CT was made, as this was also very interesting to watch.”

The SFB1315 (Mechanisms and Disturbances in Memory Consolidation: from Synapses to Systems) is a DFG-funded neuroscience project focusing on memory consolidation. As part of our outreach activities, we support lab visits and company internships for high school students.

For internship requests, please contact the SFB1315 Managing Coordinator Mary Louise Grossman.



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