Mentor–Mentee stories: Clarissa, David & Livia meet Batoul

21.09. – 02.10.20 Ι CCO Charitéplatz 1 Berlin, NWFZ – Charité – Campus Mitte


During her time in our group, Batoul was introduced to our thermosensory experimental paradigm including testing our stimulators, learning about the microscopes we use for functional imaging, and discussion of the instrumentation. For a hands on experience, she learned how to design and build simple designs using the laser cutter. We discussed the encoding of sensory information at different levels in the brain and how this neural representation is modulated as a function of learning. Importantly, we spent a significant amount of time discussing career paths and family obligations – and how these two things can be fully compatible! (Clarissa Whitmire)

Batoul looked into several aspects of our work, including Drosophila genetics, behavioral analysis, functional imaging and electrophysiology. She was introduced to projects that involved the network underpinnings of learning and memory consolidation as well as sleep (David Owald)

Batoul spent a day in the lab at the end of September. We showed her ongoing electrophysiology and gave her a little introduction to Matlab (Livia de Hoz)

Image Courtesy of Batoul Amayri (l) and Clarissa Whitmire (r)

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