The guide to dendritic spikes of the mammalian cortex in vitro and in vivo

Matthew E. Larkum, Jiameng Wu, Sarah A. Duverdin and Albert Gidon

Half a century since their discovery by Llinás and colleagues, dendritic spikes have been observed in various neurons in different brain regions, from the neocortex and cerebellum to the basal ganglia. Dendrites exhibit a terrifically diverse but stereotypical repertoire of spikes, sometimes specific to subregions of the dendrite. Despite their prevalence, we only have a glimpse into their role in the behaving animal. This article aims to survey the full range of dendritic spikes found in excitatory and inhibitory neurons, compare them in vivo versus in vitro, and discuss new studies describing dendritic spikes in the human cortex. We focus on neocortical and hippocampal neurons and present a roadmap to identify and understand the broader role of dendritic spikes in single-cell computation.

Neuroscience 489:15–3 (2022)


dendritic action potentialsdendritic computationdendritic electrophysiologydendritic spikes
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