Mentoring opportunities in the SFB

Reach out!

Doctoral students within the SFB are encouraged to reach out to postdoctoral students, alumni and to administration in the SFB1315 for mentoring.

First and foremost, do not hesitate to contact our student coordinator Lisa Velenosi on all questions pertaining to your PhD, including but not limited to: how to immatriculate; how to enroll as a doctoral student; questions pertaining to doctoral programs; questions about the SFB-ECN doctoral program; information about the Einstein Center for Neurosciences; any and all issues with your doctoral studies.

A list of postdoctoral mentors is available on SFB1315 Internal pages. Feel free to contact the mentor either via email or in person at an SFB-event! Read our alumni interviews and feel free to contact them for all questions related to your studies and career.

Participating Institutions