Meet-the-speaker | Post-encoding persistence of encoding states strengthens individual memories, reorganizes those experiences based on shared features and biases the fate of new memories

May 11, 2021 | 16:00 CET | ZOOM ID

Hosted by Iryna Schommartz (B04 PhD)

Iryna: The lecture of Prof. Lila Davachi was a highlight of the lecture series as her research addresses the core aspects of human memory formation and consolidation using various neuroimaging techniques and elegant experimental approaches. We were incredibly happy that Prof. Davachi agreed to discuss her research in the “meet the speaker” session. We started with a scientific discussion of interesting research ideas and moved to engaging and inspiring career path talks, where she gave the early career researches very valuable advice and encouraged them to look for their “scientific passion”. Prof. Davachi suggested for those early career researches who are still not sure about their career path to observe what we think about when we go for a walk: if we mull over research questions and try to come up with a solution to research issues and we feel good about it, we should definitely pursue this career path. However, when we feel stressed about our work, we can better invest our resources elsewhere.

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