Meet-the-Speaker | Information storage in memory engrams

April 18, 2023 | DZNE, BCCN and MPI-Bildungsforschung

Tomás Ryan – Meet-the-Speaker meetings

(12:00) Project Assoc Viana da Silva
AG Viana da Silva

(14:00) Project Assoc Haberl
AG Haberl

(16:00) SFB1315 Talk
Information storage in memory engrams

(18:00)  Project B04, Dinner with Scientific Discussions

(10:00-14.30) Projects B04, B05
 Early Career Researchers

(12:00) Projects B04, B05 Lunch with Scientific Discussions

(16:00) Project A05
AG Poulet

(09:00-17:00) Project B04
MPI Bildungsforschung, AG Buss Collaborations

Participating Institutions