Meet-the-Speaker | Are place cells just memory cells?

Oct 26, 2021 | 16:00 CET | ZOOM ID: 7754910236

Denis and Naomi host meet the speaker for Stefano Fusi’s SFB lecture

Following Prof. Fusi’s lecture, students met the speaker. PhD host, Denis: “We had a wonderful discussion session with Stefano Fusi after his lecture on place cell emergence as a consequence of efficient memory compression. After clarifying some open questions, we discussed how his place cell model relates to grid cells and whether they are a consequence of place cells or vice versa. Stefano shared his ideas on how to extend his hippocampal memory compression model to investigate interactions between hippocampus and cortex, which encouraged PhD students to present their related work on systems consolidation. Stefano gave productive and encouraging feedback and discussed with the students how one could combine the different approaches. A truly inspiring session.”



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