Journal Club | Imaging memory traces over half a lifetime in the medial temporal lobe: processing precise and gist memories

Jan 8, 2021 | 15:00 CET | ZOOM

In our journal club Friday at 3pm for Magdalena Sauvage’s talk, Annie Voigt (A02 PhD) and Denis Alevi (B01 PhD) will moderate a discussion on the paper Lux et al. (2016). The talk abstract also mentions results that indicate a selective role for CA1 in processing the gist of memories. This work seems not to be published yet but there is a recent poster by Atucha et al. (2020) that covers it. If you are interested, we can have a look at it as well. Here are the links to the paper and poster:

Lux et al. (2016) Imaging a memory trace over half a life-time in the medial temporal lobe reveals a time-limited role of CA3 neurons in retrieval

Atucha et al. (2020) Imaging and optogenetically manipulating recent and very remote memories reveals that CA1 is required for retrieving gist memories over time and CA3 for memory precision

Please contact PhD-Postdoc Coordinator Lisa Velenosi for further information (ZOOM link)

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