Journal Club | Cells to systems: Imaging the neural basis of memory transformation

May 9, 2022 | 16:00 CET | ZOOM

In preparation for our SFB1315 lecture by Melanie Sekeres, B01 PhDs Naomi Auer and Denis Alevi will host journal club to discuss two relevant papers:

Sekeres MJ, Moscovitch M, Winocur G, Pishdadian S, Nichol D, Grady CL (2021) Reminders activate the prefrontal-medial temporal cortex and attenuate forgetting of event memory.
Hippocampus. Jan;31(1):28-45.

Publication here >>

Sekeres MJ, Moscovitch M, Grady CL, Sullens DG, Winocur G (2019) Reminders reinstate context-specificity to generalized remote memories in rats: relation to activity in the hippocampus and aCC.
Learn Mem. Dec 16;27(1):1-5.

Publication here >>


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