Berlin-Bochum PhD Memory Symposium 2024

April 23-24, 2024 | Ruhr University Bochum

We think the PhD Symposium presents the perfect opportunity for fellow interested researchers to get together to discuss, dissect, and debate the implications that these short opinion papers present to the memory research field at large, and our own personal research more specifically.  Moreover, we believe that discussing these short essays will be a stimulating and fun opening for the remaining Memory Alliance Symposium!

Please join and present a poster on Tuesday! – The SFB 1280 Early Career Researcher conference  program is a great networking platform for ECR of our BBM.

Find more information on the Memory Alliance website or our poster >>

Tues  23 April, 2024

9.15 – Session 1, Neural aspects of associative learning: Mechanisms and Methods (Hosts, BIOME)
10.40 – coffee, poster session, brainstorming
12.35 – lunch
13.40 – Session 2, Comparative hippocampal memory formation (Hosts: Alaleh Sadraee, Juan Peschken, Lukas Hahn)
14.55 – Coffee, brainstorming
16.20 – Individual meetings
18.00 – Dinner

Wed 24 April, 2024

9.15 – Session 3, Sress hormone effects on memory (Hosts: Lena Pfeifer, Lianne Wolsink, Jael Caviola)
10.30 – coffee, poster session, brainstorming,
12.35 – lunch
ca. 13.40 – Session 4, Modelling neural dynamics (Hosts: ehnam Ghazinouri, Nicolas Diekmann, Robet Englert)
16:00 Farewell


Onur Güntürkün, Spokesperson SFB 1280
Denise Manahan-Vaughan, Speaker RDN, RUB
Sen Cheng, Spokesperson FOR 2812
Matthew Larkum, Spokesperson SFB 1315


Host Coordination: Sandra Linn (SFB1280) with Sabine Dannenberg (RDN, RUB), Vinita Samarainghe (FOR2812), Mary Louise Grossman & Serenella Brinati (SFB1315)

Participating Institutions