Prof. Dr. Dombert Ι The authorisation of animal experiments: procedural challenges and practical solutions for applicants

Jan 8, 2020 | 10:00 | Fenster der Wissenschaften CCO Charitéplatz 1

The CRC Speaker has invited Prof Dombert to give a targeted talk to members on application procedures to the Landesamtes für Gesundheit und Soziales (LAGeSo), for the authorization of animal experiments.

More than 25 participants from the CRC’s network have been asked to prepare a list of top priority questions for the Q&A session. Numerous issues will be addressed, for example, the impacts and implications of new EU Regulations and implications for current/pending applications.

Prof Dombert’s  ~1-hour talk (in German) will be followed by a ~1-hour discussion session (German/English) and a light lunch.

A follow-up workshop will be planned in the near future, depending on participant interest.


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