Hippocampal Cognitive Maps: Memory and Context

October 2, 2023 I 4 pm I BCCN Lecture Hall Philippstraße 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin + ZOOM Meeting-ID: 775 491 0236

For 50+ years the hippocampus has been linked to memory, and in particular memory consolidation.  The discovery of a cognitive mapping function for this structure raised questions about how memory and space interact.  In this talk I will discuss some of the history behind these ideas.  In particular I will focus on how ideas about consolidation have evolved over the decades, leading to the multiple trace theory, and its recognition that reactivating memories can transform them via reconsolidation processes.  The central role of the hippocampus in encoding and representing context will be offered as a way to link memory and space.

About the Speaker: Lynn Nadel is an Emeritus Professor of psychology and cognitive science at the University of Arizona

Certificate of attendance: Please contact team assistant

This talk is hosted by SFB1315 subproject B05 (AGs Ploner and Finke), and will be moderated by Matthew Larkum.

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