Episodic memory, prior knowledge, and prediction error

Dec 10, 2021 | 14:00 | ZOOM

Please join us on  in welcoming Prof. Yee Lee Shing, Goethe University Frankfurt, at the FOR 2812 research colloquium, where she will talk about:



The beneficial effect of congruency between new information and prior knowledge is a well-established finding in memory research. At the same time, mismatch between prediction (presumably based on prior knowledge) and actual experience leads to prediction error signal, which has been postulated to enhance one-shot episodic learning as well. I will present an overview of theoretical model and experimental studies that aim at resolving the apparent paradox of enhanced memory for prediction-matching events vs. prediction-violating events. The findings thus far underscore that the relationship between prediction error and episodic memory is far from being well characterized.

This talk will take place in virtual space and is open to the public. Please feel free to circulate.


Save the date: Our next virtual talk is on 17.12.21 and will be given by Ullrich Wagner and Gerald Echterhoff from WWU Münster.

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