Equal Opportunity & Diversity in the CRC1315

Existing institutional measures, introduced (2018-2022), and new (2022-2026) measures

Our CRC supports the DFG’s mission to strengthen measures for diversity and inclusion in equal opportunity frameworks of funded projects. The featured image above shows equal opportunity and diversity measures available in our CRC1315’s participating institutions (black), as well as measures implemented during the first funding period 2018-2022 (blue) and those planned for the CRC’s second funding period 2022-2026 (red).

New measures

At the CRC’s kick-off retreat in Schorfheide in November 2022, a dedicated brainstorming session ended in general agreement that new measure should also aim to attract young researchers, and therefore address the areas of “recruitment, retention, promotion and training”. To keep the discussion alive, @members should contact the Coordination Office  with further suggestions.

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Participating Institutions