Science with Milk, No Sugar – Season 1

Podcast moderated by Franziska Sattler

Non-Binary in Neurobiology with Dr. Jasper Grendel

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There’s a lot more to being male, female, or any gender than the sex assigned at birth. Your biological or assigned sex does not always tell your complete story. Gender is complex: It’s a social & legal status, and set of expectations from society, about behaviours, characteristics, and thoughts.

Each culture has standards about the way that people should behave based on their gender. This is no different when working in a scientific environment, even biological sciences!

For this episode, I invited Dr. Japser Gender (they/them) to talk about assigned sex, gender roles in academia & gender identity. We discuss everything from changing professions, how we identify as scientists, to how we can make Academia a more inclusive and welcoming environment for ALL scientists.

Jasper is a neuroscientist who, after studying Biomedical Engineering in the Netherlands, moved to Hamburg to start a family & a PhD. In the field of neuroscience, Jasper pursues the analysis of large complex datasets in order to find golden nuggets hidden within. The topic to which this applies varies depending on the group being associated with, but curiosity and joy for solving puzzles is always a driving force behind Jasper’s research. Convinced that scientists hold the responsibility to inform the general public about their work, Jasper often speaks in public as much as possible to make science accessible, amongst other reasons to promote a conversation between scientists and non-scientists in order to gain understanding for each other.

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– The Collaborative Research Center 1315 equal opportunity measures support work-life balance, promote women in science and identify resources available to the network as a whole.

How does long-term memory work? That is the key question at the heart of the new Collaborative Research Center SFB 1315.

In particular, the SFB 1315 will focus on how memories are consolidated over time. It is hoped this will lead to new treatment methods for disorders that remain virtually untreatable (such as, for instance, Alzheimer’s disease).

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– NeuroCure is a Cluster of Excellence in neurosciences funded since 2007 by the German federal & state governments (Excellence Initiative).

The focus of the Cluster is on investigating neurological and psychiatric disorders. By promoting close cooperation between basic science and clinical research, the Cluster aims to more rapidly transfer findings from basic research to clinical application.

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Learn more about the faces behind the research. What are the struggles of a young woman in science? What happens when you leave academia? What are the hurdles of families who want to pursue careers in science?
Behind every committed researcher lies a long and difficult path to Higher Education, filled with countless obstacles. With this new podcast Franziska wants to give doctoral students, postdocs, as well as scientists who left academia, a platform to tell us their story. Most importantly, we will find out how her guests enjoy their coffee along the way.


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