KidsMobil – Flexible Child Care

Before & after hours, and on an emergency basis

Part of the CRC’s efforts to promote equal opportunity include flexible child care before & after hours, and on an emergency basis with KidsMobil.

A fixed contingent of childcare hours are arranged with KidsMobil and available to employees under certain conditions. In the forefront, KidsMobil provides relief for employees who are irreplacable, when their child falls ill or when they have duties outside regular childcare hours. Parents attending project-related conferences and events can also benefit from these offers. Qualified staff help out in emergency situations, on short notice and reliably.

Please contact the Coordination Office for information on joining.

For information on KidsMobil please contact Christiane Radtke

Muskauer Straße 53
10997 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 97 00 28 86
Fax: (030) 20 07 84 65

Participating Institutions