Promoting equal opportunity and diversity: Collections and literature

2019 – 2026
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Literature sources: METIS/DFG/#SFB1315slack. This list is curated by our student helper, Madlena Kozaeva

Diversity Journal Club

Journal Club for Diversity and Responsible Research and Innovation (DRIVERS)

On May 6, 2024, 11:00 am the following paper will be discussed:

·    Bernard, R., et al. 2020. “fiddle: a tool to combat publication bias by getting research out of the file drawer and into the scientific community”

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Databases: Women in Neuroscience*

/femconsult –

AcademiaNet –


Anne’s list (neuro)-

NeuroNexxt (neuro) –

(*courtesy of Kim Mason, NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence, Equal Opportunity)

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in the Lab

A New Way of Thinking about Data Science and Data Ethics that is Informed by the Ideas of Intersectional Feminism
Data Feminism, MIT Press (2020),

Competitive science: Is competition ruining science?
Infect Immun 83:1229 –1233 (2015) doi:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: GenderInSITE
eLife Interview. Julia Deathridge (2020)

Equity: a Mathematician Shares her Solution
Nature 583, 681-682 (2020) doi:

Flexible work and the effect of informal communication on idea generation and innovation

Gender Diversity in Academia

How Nature contributed to science’s discriminatory legacy
Nature 609, 875-876 (2022). doi:

How female scientists can confront gender bias in the workplace
Nature 561, 421-423 (2018), doi:

How to Get More Women and People of Colour into Graduate School – and Keep them There
Nature 586, 491-492 (2020) doi:

Inclusion and diversity in academia, Kim Mason (NeuroCure’s Equal Opportunity Office)

Leitfaden der HU für geschlechtergerechte Sprache

Nature addresses helicopter research and ethics dumping
Nature 606, 7 (2022). doi:

Principles of good assessment and feedback

Recruiting women faculty through inclusive, family-friendly practices

Scientist and Parent: Planning During Pregnancy

Scientists aren’t trained to mentor. That’s a problem

The Science and Value of Diversity: Closing the Gaps in Our Understanding of Inclusion and Diversity
J Infect Dis. 220 (Suppl 2): S33–41
(2019) doi:

Ten simple rules for building an antiracist lab

Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs

10 Simple Rules for a Supportive Lab Environment.

The key to a happy lab life is in the manual

Virtual communication curbs creative idea generation

Wie kann ich als Mann Feminist sein?

Women, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Alba Diversity Podcast

Alba’s Interviews on Diversity in Brain Sciences

Gendered Innovations 2: How Inclusive Analysis Contributes to Research and Innovation.

Gendered Innovations Health and Medicine checklist


Gender Research Data Collections” FU Berlin

Leading Edge women and non-binary postdocs (US-based)


Are Hormones a „Female Problem“ for Animal Research?
Science 364,825-826(2019), DOI:

A Wall Street Journal Op-ed about Jill Biden Pairs Virulent Sexism with Academic Elitism

Committees with Implicit Biases Promote Fewer Women When they do not Believe Gender Bias Exists

Don’t get mad, get equal: putting an end to misogyny in science
Nature 619, 209-211 (2023), doi:

Disarming racial microaggressions: Microintervention strategies for targets, White allies, and bystanders
Am Psychol, 2019;74(1):128-142 (2019), doi:

Discrimination still plagues science

Gender Equity [Virginia Valian]

COVID-19’s Gendered Impact on Academic Productivity

Germany Unveils First National Strategy for Gender Equality

Highlighting the Invisible Gender Bias Women Still Face in Their Everyday Lives [Caroline Crado Perez]

Historical Comparison of Gender Inequality in Scientific Careers Across Countries and Disciplines

How the entire scientific community can confront gender bias in the workplace

How to avoid gender bias in hiring – tips from the Alba Network

Meta-Research: Gender Inequalities Among Authors who Contributed Equally

Meta-Research: How parenthood contributes to gender gaps in academia

Modern Discrimination: Subtle but Significant [Michelle “Mikki” Hebl]

Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree.

Neurosexism: The Myth that Men and Women have Different Brains

NIH plans grant-review overhaul to reduce bias

Pandemic Lockdown Holding Back Female Academics, Data Show

Picture a Scientist (documentary film)

Pinterest Settles Gender Discrimination Suit for $22.5 Million

Responsible Research, Inequality in Science and Epistemic Injustice: An Attempt to Open up Thinking about Inclusiveness in the Context of RI/RRI
Journal of Responsible Innovation 7 (3): 672–79.
(2020) doi:

Sex and Gender Dimension in Frontier Research

The extent and drivers of gender imbalance in neuroscience reference lists
Nat Neurosci 23, 918–926 (2020), doi:

The Gender Gap in Academic publishing

The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Women in Science: Challenges and Solutions (virtual conference)

The Pandemic and the Female Academic
Nature (2020), doi:

The parent penalty – read about it on the Alba Network here

The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity

Two Nobels for women — why so slow? 
Nature 562, 165 (2018). doi:

Use microaffirmations and call out microaggressions to help others
Nature (2021), doi:

Women in work 2021 – The impact of Covid-19 on women in work

Women are credited less in science than men
Nature 608, 135–145 (2022). doi:

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