Statistical survey of DFG member programs 2020

Nov 13, 2020 | 17.00 | DFG

The DFG’s annual survey took place between Sept 14 Nov 13, 2020.

A very big thanks to all current and past SFB1315 members and associates for submitting your surveys!

Purpose of the survey: To determine how many people are financed by funds from the Excellence Strategy − how many PhDs are completed in RTGs and CRCs  − which new professorships will be established in clusters of excellence – and more.  Two sources of information help answer these questions: the DFG uses data available while processing proposals and in its annual survey of funded consortia.

Forms, guidelines and much more on the DFG portal.
Area of work for new members: DFG Classification of Scientific Disciplines, Research Areas, Review Boards and Subject Areas (2016-2019)

Here are results of the 2020 survey >>

Participating Institutions