DFG publishes two reports on completion of PhDs in coordinated programmes

March 30, 2021 | Pressemitteilung Nr. 9

DFG publishes reports on doctorates in collaborations

Detailed evaluations of the duration of doctoral studies as well as completed and uncompleted work in coordinated programmes / On average a good four years to completion

How long does a doctorate take in the German science system? Is the doctoral degree achieved more quickly in certain scientific fields and subjects than in others? Does the time it takes to complete a doctorate differ according to the gender and origin of the doctoral researchers, and do the environment as well as the promotion or other funding of the doctorate also play a role? And how many doctorates are completed and how many are not?

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The two statistical reports entitled “Sprint or Marathon? The Duration of Doctorates in DFG-funded Alliances” and “Everything Has an End … Doesn’t It? Completed and uncompleted doctorates in DFG-funded collaborations” can be accessed on the DFG’s website at the following link:

www.dfg.de/dfg_profil/zahlen_fakten/evaluation_studien_monitoring/ studien/bericht_promotionen

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