Dynamic conjugate F-SHARP microscopy

Ioannis N Papadopoulos, Jean-Sebastien Jouhanneau, Naoya Takahashi, David Kaplan, Matthew Larkum, James Poulet and Benjamin Judkewitz

Optical microscopy is an indispensable tool in biomedical sciences, but its reach in deep tissues is limited due toaberrations and scattering. This problem can be overcome by wavefront-shaping techniques, albeit at limitedfields ofview (FOVs). Inspired by astronomical imaging, conjugate wavefront shaping can lead to an increasedfield of view inmicroscopy, but this correction is limited to a set depth and cannot be dynamically adapted. Here, we present aconjugate wavefront-shaping scheme based on focus scanning holographic aberration probing (F-SHARP). Wecombine it with a compact implementation that can be readily adapted to a variety of commercial and home-builttwo-photon microscopes. We demonstrate the power of the method by imaging with high resolution over extendedFOV (>80 μm) deeper than 400μm inside a mouse brain through a thinned skull.

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Light Sci Appl. 9:110 (2020)


interference microscopymultiphoton microscopy
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