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Becker LL, Horn D, Boschann F, Van Hoeymissen E, Voets T, Vriens J, Prager C, Kaindl AM
Primidone improves symptoms in TRPM3- linked developmental and epileptic encephalopathy with spike-and-wave activation in sleep
Epilepsia. 2023;64:e61–e68 (2023)

Chen C, de Hoz L
The perceptual categorization of multidimensional stimuli is hierarchically organized
iScience. 26,106941 (2023)

Concha-Miranda M, Tang W, Hartmann K, Brecht M
Large-scale mapping of vocalization-related activity in the functionally diverse nuclei in rat posterior brainstem
J Neurosci. 42 (44) 8252-8261 (2022)

Costalung G, Sanchez Carpena C, Seltmann S, Benichov JI, Vallentin D
Wild nightingales flexibly match whistle pitch in real time
Curr Biol. 33, 1–10 (2023)

De Filippo R, Schmitz D
Differential ripple propagation along the hippocampal longitudinal axis
eLife 12:e85488 (2023)

Gloveli N, Simonnet J, Tang W, Concha-Miranda M, Maier E, Dvorzhak A, Schmitz D, Brecht M
Play and tickling responses map to the lateral columns of the rat periaqueductal gray
Neuron.111, 1–12 (2023)

Hadler MD,Tzilivaki A, Schmitz D, Alle H, Geiger JRP
Gamma-Oscillation Plasticity Is Mediated by Parvalbumin Interneurons
BioRxiv (2023)

Hallock H, Mantwill M, Vajkoczy P, Wolfarth B, Reinsberger C, Lampit A, Finke C
Sport-Related Concussion: A Cognitive Perspective
Neurol Clin Pract. 13(2):e200123 (2023)

Hartung TJ, Neumann C, Bahmer T, Chaplinskaya-Sobol I, Endres M, Geritz J, Haeusler KG, Heuschmann PU, Hildesheim H, Hinz A, Hopff S, Horn A, Krawczak M, Krist L, Kudelka J, Lieb W, Maetzler C, Mehnert-Theuerkauf A, Montellano FA, Morbach C, Schmidt S, Schreiber S, Steigerwald F, Störk S, Maetzler W, Finke C
Fatigue and cognitive impairment after COVID-19: A prospective multicentre study
EClinicalMedicine. 17;53:101651 (2022)

Heine J, Schwichtenberg K, Hartung TJ, Rekers S, Chien C, Boesl F, Rust R, Hohenfeld C, Bungenberg J, Costa AS, Scheibenbogen C, Bellmann-Strobl J, Paul F, Franke C, Reetz K, Finke C
Structural brain changes in patients with post-COVID fatigue: a prospective observational study

EClinicalMedicine. 58:101874 (2023)

Hoffmann M, Schmidt A, Ploner CJ
Musical expertise shapes visual-melodic memory integration
Front Psychol. 24;13:973164 (2022)

Huang S, Piao C, Beuschel CB, Zhao, Sigrist SS
A brain-wide form of presynaptic active zone plasticity orchestrates resilience to brain aging in Drosophila
PLoS Biol 20(12): e3001730 (2022)

Iggena D, Maier PM, Häußler SM, Menk M, Olze H, Larkum ME, Finke C, Ploner CJ
Post-encoding modulation of spatial memory consolidation by propofol
Cortex. 156:1-12 (2022)

Iggena D, Jeung S, Maier PM, Ploner CJ, Gramann K, Finke C
Multisensory input modulates memory-guided spatial navigation in humans
Commun Biol 6, 1167 (2023).

Konietzny A, Wegmann S, Mikhaylova M
The endoplasmic reticulum puts a new spin on synaptic tagging

Trends Neurosci. 46(1):32-44 (2023)

Krohn S, von Schwanenflug N, Waschke L, Romanello A, Gell M, Garrett DD, Finke C
A spatiotemporal complexity architecture of human brain activity
Sci Adv 9(5):eabq385 (2023)

Lahore, RGF, Pampaloni, NP, Peter E, Heim M.M, Tillert L, Vierock J, Oppermann J, Walther J, Schmitz D, Owald D, Plested AJR, Rost BR, Hegemann P
Calcium-permeable channelrhodopsins for the photocontrol of calcium signalling
Nat Commun 13:7844 (2022)

Maier PM, Iggena D, Meyer T, Finke C, Ploner CJ
Memory-guided navigation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

J Neurol. (2023)

Ortiz-Tudela J, Bergmann J, Bennett M, Ehrlich I, Muckli L, Shing YL
Concurrent contextual and time-distant mnemonic information co-exist as feedback in the human visual cortex
NeuroImage (2022)

Pupillo F, Ortiz-Tudela J, Bruckner R, Shing LY
The effect of prediction error on episodic memory encoding is modulated by the outcome of the predictions
npj Sci. Learn. 8, 18 (2023)

Romanello A, Krohn S, von Schwanenflug N, Chien C, Bellmann-Strobl J, Ruprecht K, Paul F, Finke C
Functional connectivity dynamics reflect disability and multi-domain clinical impairment in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Neuroimage Clin. 36:103203 (2022)

Schirner M, Deco  G,  Ritter P
Learning how network structure shapes decision-making for bio-inspired computing
Nat Commun. 14, 2963 (2023)

Schommartz I, Kaindl AM, Buss C, Shing YL
Short- and Long-Delay Consolidation of Memory Accessibility and Precision across Childhood and Young Adulthood
PsyArXiv (2023)

Schommartz I, Lembcke PF, Ortiz-Tudela JF, Bauer M, Kaindl AM, Buss C, Shing YL
Neural Correlates and Reinstatement of Immediate-, Short- and Long-Delay Memory Consolidation: A Comparison Between Children and Young Adults
eLife. 12:RP89908 (2023)

Schommartz I, Lembcke PF, Pupillo F, Schuetz H, Wald de Chamorro N, Bauer M, Kaindl AM, Buss C, Shing YL
Distinct multivariate structural brain profiles are related to variations in short- and long-delay memory consolidation across children and young adults
Dev Cogn Neurosci 59: 101192 (2023)

Turan, G, Ehrlich I, Shing YL
From generating to violating predictions: The effects of prediction error on episodic memory
PsyArXiv Preprints |

Tzilivaki A, Tukker JJ, Maier N, Poirazi P, Sammons RP, Schmitz D
Hippocampal GABAergic interneurons and memory
Neuron.  14:S0896-6273(23)00475-0 (2023)

Tzilivaki A, Maier N, Schmitz D
Interneuron switching on and off across memory rhythms
Neuron. 110(12):1884-1886 (2022)

Vestergaard M, Carta M, Güney G, JFA Poulet 
The cellular coding of temperature in the mammalian cortex
Nature 614: 725–731 (2023)

Vierock J, Peter E, Grimm C, Rozenberg A, Chen I-W, Tillert L, Castro Scalise AG, Casini M, Augustin S, Tanese D, Forget BC, Peyronnet R, Schneider-Warme F, Emiliani V, Béjà O, Hegemann P
WiChR, a highly potassium-selective channelrhodopsin for low-light one- and two-photon inhibition of excitable cells
Sci Adv 8(49):eadd7729 (2022)

Wietek J, Nozownik APulin MSaraf-Sinik IMatosevich NMalan D, Brown BJDine JRivka Levy R, Litvin A, Regev NSubramaniam SBitton EBenjamin A, Copits BASasse PRost BRSchmitz DSoba P, Nir YWiegert JSYizhar O
A bistable inhibitory OptoGPCR for multiplexed optogenetic control of neural circuits
bioRxiv (2023)


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